Bloodshot eyes, hellos and goodbyes, tears in the eyes, sometimes I want to die. Real late nights, sun is too bright, we're in a fight. In the morning, in the morning. Espresso, Frappuccino, double shot cappuccino, half + half, not too sweet though. You're the coffee inside of me, you're the caffeine that sets me free. Jaded strength from life's boring dates is why I don't want to awake, wishing I was relaxing on a hemic next to the lake, miserable because most people around me base their life's rules from take, take, take, which is filled with hate! Coffee I need you inside of me, caffeine come and set me free. Worn down and burned out makes me feel like life is yelling wipe out, drained from my headaches shouts, tongue is limp from draught, my bloods circumstances are worn out, I need that special beans roast so that my whole body can repair to its normal condition for my appearance to enjoy boast. BBQ infusion has caused my exhaustion, ribs and chicken gave me an instant tired qualification making getting caffeine and coffee my number 1 mission, securing a refreshment spot to stimulate my severe body's neglection, for I am in need of your beverage to serve my affections, your substance is perfect, your helpful effect is my requirements, and your love is the only power in my life that is covenant. Coffee I need you inside of me, caffeine come and set me free. It's not tacky that you are the only one who makes me happy. You see me bare naked in every occurrence, when I feel beaten and defeated you are there which makes us the perfect pair. Caffeine coffee, you're the cup I will never share!

A rose for joy
As one for pain

DeMarcus Reed

My goal in life is to create history. Itís not about fame and fortune. Itís about waking up each morning hoping that I can help someone in life. One person can make a difference in a Childs life whose parents are abusing and molesting them. One person can make a difference for the homeless on the streets, or help many STOP committing suicide. To help just one is worth more than all the money in the world. My goal is to speak the truth that so many are scared to speak, to go to the places people fear, to explain what many do not understand, and to start a revolution to save lives! Lets fight together and perform what seems impossible!
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